“Wonderful and energetic show… extraordinary dance performance for young people” (Cathrin Bloss, Festival panoptikum, Theater Mummpitz, Nürnberg, Germany)

“Amazing work, wonderful identification of the girls with the characters they created, the part at the dressing rooms was terrific!” (Matania Tzur, Culture for Israel organization)

“Not only programmers saw the performance during the Exposure in Tel Aviv, but also they were astonished” (Joanna Migut, Festival KORCZAK, Warsaw, Poland)

About invisiBALL

Invisi’BALL transforms a cast of female dancers into two teams of ultra-competitive male soccer players. With popular chants and roaring crowds, this unique theater-dance piece illustrates a surprising, hilarious, and multi-cultural mash-up of the game from the moment the audience arrives at the theater.

Choreography – Nadine Bommer

Sound – D.J Vik

Costumes – Nadine Bommer

Performed by 6-10 dancers

Family Programming